Tayyabs is a hidden gem just a short walk from Whitechapel station. It is a Punjabi restaurant and is famous for its grills, which you can smell blocks away. You could probably follow the smell to find the restaurant. Delicious.

It is very busy all the time so I would definitely recommend booking before. If you don’t book (and I speak from experience) then you can wait in a long line, which curves all around the restaurant, for up to an hour. There is even a man with a neon yellow jacket with the words “Crowd Control” written on his back. No joke.

Hannah just got back from a 6 week business trip and so Glenn, Nathan and I decided to arrange a get-together for some Tayyabs on her first night back. There were 9 of us altogether, so luckily we booked.

It is BYOB (bring your own booze) so as soon as we got to the table we cracked open our beers and wines and they brought poppadoms for us to munch on while we looked through the menu.


The grilled lamb is amazing and it is what the restaurant is famous for. It comes out sizzling on a hot plate with the gorgeous aroma filling the air. This photo does not even begin to do justice to the taste of all the spices and all the flavour.


We also had some curries, which are all incredible. If you don’t know what you want, the waiters are great at helping you choose depending on what kinds of things you like. I love their dhal and any of their saag meat curries.

It is a good place to go in a couple or with a big group of friends. There is always a lively and vibrant atmosphere and always great food and very affordable (we paid £15 each, including a tip, and left with a food coma). The only downside is that your hair and clothes end up smelling like all the spices when you leave so its clothes in the washing machine and a good shower before bed.

It is my favourite curry house in London at the moment.



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