Borough Market – LONDON, UK

One of my favourite ways to spend the day on a Saturday is to go to Borough Market, which is what Renata, Astrid, Emil, and Mel decided to do this particular Saturday, as it happened to be the first warm Saturday of the year (in London this is a big deal). Located by London Bridge Station, the hustle and bustle of the market, the vast varieties of choice, and the freshness of the great independent food stalls makes this a proper foodie’s paradise. It is open Thursday to Saturday and a good place to grab an interesting lunch or a shop for fresh produce.

Below is just a small selection of the many stalls to discover.



Brindisa is a Spanish store that specialises in iberico ham. They explain the different types to you and it is freshly sliced in front of you. They also sell other great Spanish foods such a chorizo, cheeses, and even paella pans. They also own Tapas Brindisa, a sit in tapas restaurant around the corner.




Ham and Cheese Co have a great selection of hams and cheeses (I bet the name didn’t give it away) freshly sourced from France and Italy.


The Borough Cheese Company are famous for their Comte cheese, which is made in France. They explain the story of how the cheese is made and, as all the stalls, are very passionate about their produce.


Pate Moi, owned by Flip Dunning, sells hand-made organic mushroom pate, from Flip’s secret family recipe.


Cannon and Cannon is a British charcuterie, which sell a large variety of different local and artisan meats. Passionate about their meat, they are very good at recommending what you might like depending on what you are looking for. I would definitely recommend the wild boar, chili and chorizo stick.




Richard Haward’s Oyster Stall is probably my personal favourtie (maybe because of my great love for oysters). A family run business, the Hawards have been cultivating oysters since the 1700s. They have fresh oysters (native and rock) and clams of all sizes which are chucked in front of you after you have chosen your shells. You can’t get anymore fresh than that.



The market is filled with the best butchers and fish mongers. The most interesting is The Exotic Meat Company from the Gamston Wood Farm, which sell everything from ostrich eggs, kangaroo steaks, to horse meat burgers. They have a barbecue on the go with kangaroo burgers and beef burgers, which smell divine.




Veggie Table sells vegetarian burgers and vegan burgers served on the choice of a bun, a leaf, or a salad box and a choice of onion chutney or salsa (or both) on top. It is absolutely delicious. I opted for a vegan burger on a leaf with both sauces.


There are great bakeries that sell all sorts of breads and cakes if you have a sweet tooth.


And New Forest Cider have a range of organic ciders to wash it all down.


Overall, I would have to say its a fabulous outing for a foodie. The only downside would be the crowds, so prepare yourself for hundreds of other food lovers to be wondering around the stalls as well.


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