Meat Liquor – Bond Street, London, UK

Claudia was visiting and we decided to check out Meat Liquor.

All the blogs and reviews that I read explained the 90 minute queue in the cold so I was mentally prepared for the experience (they do not take reservations). It was a Wednesday night and we arrived at the restaurant at 7:30pm. The queue was fairly long, but moved quite quickly and we were in the restaurant within 30 minutes. We got a bottle of wine at the bar while we waited another 15 minutes for our table so it really was not too bad. Instead of wine glasses, we were given cleaned Bonne Maman jam jars to drink out of, which I love the idea of.



The interior has a very grungy, dark, rockabilly feel to it. It is graffitied to look quite bloody and sinister. There is loud music playing and a good vibe in the air.

If you are not a burger fan, its not the place for you because all the menu serves is a handful of different burgers, fries, and sides.



I opted for the cheese burger, plain and simple and easy to judge. The waitress came with our food on a tray to put in the middle of the table and a roll of kitchen towel. It was time to get down and dirty. The burger was absolutely amazing and even better than I expected. The burger meat fit perfectly in the bun (none of this huge-dry-bun-and-tiny-patty business). It was thick and juicy and the meat just melted in your mouth. Unbelievably good.


Yianni, I must say, you have definitely perfected the burger. I definitely recommend going and, even if it ends up being a long wait, it is most definitely worth it!
It is an average of £7.25 for a burger.

Claudia is also a big foodie. Check out her blog at:


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