Wright Brothers – Borough Market, London Bridge, London

Wright Brothers - Borough Market

What to do on a sunny April day? Go for an oysters and bloody mary brunch, obviously.

Hannah, Liz and I found ourselves at the Wright Brothers just outside Borough Market one glorious sunny April day. We sat out side where there are make shift tables made of barrels and stools. We decided on a mix of a dozen oysters (above) which were presented and explained to us by the server. From bottom and clockwise, we had Northumbrian, Irish, and Jersey shells. They were absolutely delightful and eating them in the warm sunshine, I felt like I was swimming in the sea with the creamy and fresh texture and tang from the lemon (I’m a huge fan of oysters in general, hence my dramatic explanation).


As we were waiting for the oysters, they brought us some fresh sourdough bread and butter. Delish!


Overall a great way to start a sunny spring day! CHINCHIN!


It was Ā£30 for the mixed dozen oysters and Ā£7.50 for a bloody mary


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