Jerusalem Falafel – Berwick Market

Jerusalem Falafel - Berwick Market

If you work in Soho you will definitely know about the food stalls on Berwick Street. And if you don’t, you’re missing out! So go!

I’m currently working in Soho and the market is a great place when I’m in the mood to treat myself, and I had one of these days last week. James and I went to the Jersusalem Falafel stall which is a favourite.



They have a little wooden hut where the falafels are freshly made and you can choose a wrap with 3 (£4) or 5 (£5) nuggets.

Hummus is spread on the wrap then its layered with lettuce, tomatoes, sliced gerkins, grilled aubergine slices, parsley, pickled chilies, garlic yogurt, a very mild chili sauce, and 3 falafel nuggets. Then its toasted so its got a slightly crisp outside and a warm soft center.


The falafel is freshly made and so it still has that crunch on the outside. Its absolutely delicious. I took it back to the office to devour and it properly fills you up for the whole day.

Great eat for anyone in Soho during the day!


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