Street Feast – Dalston

The girls (Astrid, Emma, Kate, Charlotte, and Tash) and I made our way to Dalston for Street Feast after work on a Friday night. It is in Merchant Yard right outside Haggerston Station and very easy to find – just look for a big sign that says Street Feast and a long queue of people underneath the sign, waiting to get in. We waited in line for about 20 minutes, with the aroma of food getting our stomachs rumbling, before we finally got in.

It was about 9:30pm when we got in and a couple of the stalls had closed already but it was still very exciting seeing what all the traders were cooking.


I decided to get some Gyoza from Rainbo (£4 for 5 pieces). The Gyoza was perfection and very more-ish. The outer layer was the perfect thickness and slightly chewy, wrapped around a juicy chicken and spring onion middle. The two owners of this food truck donate a percentage of their earnings to a project in Nepal that help struggling children to grow their own produce.


I have heard so much about Big Apple Hot Dogs and their amazing Franks; so we all decided that a hot dog was the way forward. I went for the Big Dog (£5), which was a blend of beef and pork, smoked on German Beech-wood. On the side are lots of sauces to compliment the dog and its great smokey flavour.


A great way to spend a Friday night. I would definitely recommend trying to get there earlier than we did so you don’t miss out on any stalls.


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