Takoyaki Stall – Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London

There are a lot of quirky finds at Brick Lane on a Sunday when the market is on. Susan came over and with the sun shining and the birds singing and living right by the hustle and bustle of the market, what better to do that do a little exploring? So we got out exploring shoes and hats on and made our way!

Tower Hamlets-20130428-00549

One of my favourite stalls is the Takoyaki stall. All that they offer are takoyaki of different flavours.

First you pick your filling: octopus, cheese, or prawn. I personally always go for the octopus because Takoyaki translates into “octopus balls”, which is the original filling. You can also go for a mixture if you are feeling adventurous.

Tower Hamlets-20130428-00551

Tower Hamlets-20130428-00548

They cook these in front of you in a special dish which helps with the shape of the balls. It has the same type of texture as chocolate/cheese filled Poffertjes, a round dutch pancake, but takoyaki is a savoury food (obviously).

Then you pick the Japanese Mayo to go on top: original Japanese mayonnaise, Wasabi mayonnaise, or Teriyaki mayonnaise. I go for the wasabi mayo for a little kick.

Tower Hamlets-20130428-00550

They then sprinkle with seaweed, mild chili, and fish flakes and voila!

Tower Hamlets-20130428-00553

It tastes like a thick savoury pancake with a creamy filling in the center and if you love Japanese cuisine, I can tell you now, you will love this!



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