Que Viet – Along The Great Pho Mile


We decided to be adventurous this one evening and make some new discoveries on Kingsland Road (aka The Great Pho Mile). As I have said before, Kingsland Road is literally Vietnamese food heaven, with door after door of Vietnamese restaurants one after another.

I always go to Tay Do restaurant, just because the service is excellent, the food is great, its cheap and cheerful, and its bring your own booze (always a bonus). But, on this adventurous evening we went to Kingsland Road without a plan, except that we wanted Vietnamese and we were going to venture away from Tay Do.

So along the road we went peering into the windows and looking at the menus on all their doors, until finally we stumbled upon Que Viet. Different from Tay Do’s hustle and bustle and table sharing with strangers, Que Viet is a quaint little place. Dimmed lights, candles, lots of wooden decor. It is not a bring-your-own-booze place and its slightly more expensive than Tay Do, but still very affordable, and the atmosphere was lovely so we decided this was where we would end our search.


We were seated and then given some prawn crackers to munch on as we chose our food and I decided on an Iced Vietnamese Coffee to sip on. Vietnamese coffee is great. Its a very strong espresso-like coffee mixed with condensed milk (£3.50).


We decided to share a couple dishes.


We started with Prawn Vietnamese Summer rolls (£3.80), which was very refreshing because they had a lot more salad inside them than the vermicelli, which I personally enjoy.


Then for our mains we shared a Chicken Bun (£7.50), which is vermicelli, stir fried chicken, salad, which you then mix together with a fish sauce. It is a very refreshing noodle salad. The one minor detail is that they served this on a plate, whereas I prefer to eat this in a big bowl.


We also ordered a Beef Pho (£7.50), which is a noodle soup cooked with an amazing beef broth, some fresh thinly slice beef, and some flat white rice noodles. This was delicious. Unfortunately they did not have as many choices of Pho as Tay Do, but what we did have was absolutely perfect. It definitely warmed our tummies before we headed back out into the windy weather.

A great night for a sophisticated Pho Mile experience and may I add, the service was terrific!



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