Flat Iron

If you don’t like steak, then Flat Iron is not the right place for you. There is no menu here and all you can order is… yep you’ve got it… Steak.

I felt like a steak one night so we wondered into Soho to find this little gem that I had heard so much about. It happened to be full when we arrived and so we took a vibrating token from the gentleman at the door and made our way to a near by bar for a couple pre-dinner beverages.

After about 30 minutes, the token vibrated and we made our way back to the restaurant to be seated.

On the wooden picnic-like benches that filled the restaurant we were asked whether we had been here before so that they could explain to you what and how to order. So there is steak and you can have it cooked the way you like. Then there is a chalk board on the wall that shows you the sauces and the sides and you are provided with a drinks menu.


So, I went for the steak (£10) and asked for it blue with bearnaise sauce (sauces are £1 each) and we shared some dripping cooked chips and a Sophie’s salad (approximately £3 for sides).



A flat iron is the type of cut, which is just above the shoulder. The meat was cooked perfectly for me – my Uncle Harry and I both say we like the steak to come out still moo-ing – and it was done perfectly rare.



And for dessert they only have one choice; a cold, caramel, chocolate mousse, which was sprayed out like whipped cream into a small glass. Very light and not too sweet. A very good end to the meal.



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