Dishoom – Shoreditch, London

One Thursday evening a couple weeks ago, straight from work, Julia and I decided on Dishoom in Shoreditch for a catch up date.

Firstly, I must say, I love the way the restaurant is set up – its got a Bali-Island-type feel to it with the canopy space outside, the tropical plants and the wooden decor inside, and I love that it is hidden away on Boundary Street.


We got there for 7pm and were shown to our seat straight away, even without a booking. We sat on the chef’s table where they were making the wonderful Indian breads and grilled meats.

We decided on some spiced calamari (£5.20), which was very nice. It was nice heavy battered and oily as per a usual calamari, but instead it tasted very light and was well spiced.


For our mains, we decided we wanted everything on the “Grills” section of the menu; but as there were only two of us, we then decided to just share an order of Roomali Roti (£1.90), Mahi Tikka (£7.90), Paneer Tikka (£6.90) and a Kachumber Salad (£2.70), as opposed to trying to eat everything there.


The fish was very fresh tasting and was cooked perfectly. The paneer had the perfect amount of squidginess for its texture (yes, you read that correctly – and yes I possibly did make up that word). The roti was very thin but still has some good chewiness to it and the salad was a great addition to everything.

Plus, they give you three little pots of sauces to go with your meal, which are an absolute delight (even if they do serve them to your table on a plate that is too small to fit all three pots).

Overall it was all very well spiced and nothing was greasy or felt too heavy.

It was a great evening of catching up with Julia and we left sans the usual lethargic-food-coma type feel you usually get when you leave a curry house.

And as tomorrow morning is my run (The British 10k), I bid you adieu. Goodnight!


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