East West – A Warung Away From Home – Soho, London


East West is an Indonesian restaurant hidden away in London’s China Town that my girlfriends and I love to go after work when we are missing a bit of Indonesian spice in our lives.

After moving to London, I tried many different Indonesian restaurants, looking for one that tasted like home, but they all tasted very Westernized and seemed to try to cater to the English palette.

From the moment you walk into East West, on the other hand, you no longer feel like you are in London. From its decor, to its warung-like (street restaurant) feel with only 3 tables to share, to the delicious, authentic food – you feel like you are back in Indonesia, surrounded by people speaking Indonesian. Its our little piece of Indonesia in London.

Firdaus Lanyau owns and runs this restaurant and he has many fans of this home away from home for many of the London-Indonesian community. He also runs the mini supermarket at the front of the restaurant where I buy my sambal (Indonesian chili sauce) and my spices.


After a very long day at work one Wednesday, Charlotte, Kate, Emma and I decided on a catch up dinner at our favourite little Indonesian eatery.



Every time I go, I always say I am going to try something else, but the nasi campur always looks too good to resist. ‘Nasi campur’ literally means ‘mixed rice’, which is a dish that consists of white rice and a mixture of different dishes that have been cooked that day.


We got fried chicken, pan fried fish, beef rendang (curry), a vegetable stir fry, and my favourite fresh green chili sauce.

After a good long and very girly catch up, some krupuk kampung (a type of prawn cracker) and some Teh Bottle (a brand of sweet tea), we left with our tummies very satisfied.Β For only Β£5, you really cannot go wrong.

Until next time, Firdaus!





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