Hakkasan – Mayfair

I must say, hands down, Hakkasan make THE BEST dirty martini’s that I have ever tried. We walked into Hakkasan without a reservation on a Friday night and ended up at the bar while we waiting for a table.

The restaurant’s million pound interior has a very elegant and contemporary but still Chinese feel to it and was designed by Christian Liaigre (French Interior Designer). We were very comfortable drinking our cocktails at the bar, but before we knew it (only about 15 minutes later), a table was free!

Being half Chinese, from Hong Kong, where the Chinese food is out of this world, I really know and love the food. I was excited to go to Hakkasan as I had heard so much about Head Chef Tong Chee Hwee’s dishes. They were awarded a Michelin Star in 2003, so that was very promising too.

image (4)

We started our meal with the Dim Sum platter, as I had heard that the dumplings were fusion and made to perfection andΒ I was not disappointed. The dim sum was perfect. Every little bite was heavenly and I could not fault it whatsoever.

image (1)

For our mains we decided on sharing some stir fried broccoli with crispy seaweed over it. The broccoli still had a crunch to it and was cooked with garlic and red chili so it had a freshness about it and the crispy seaweed on the top was a great addition to the flavours.

image (6)

The claypot chicken was divine! The chicken was still moist (not dry at all) and it was cooked with dried chilies and spring onions in a sweet sauce. The sweet and spice worked very well together.

image (7)

We also shared a black pepper sirloin steak stir fry. The meat was very tender and fell apart in my mouth. Again, absolutely delicious.

We had a bowl of boiled white rice between two and it was the perfect amount of food. We left very satisfied. My favourite parts of the meal were definitely my dirty martini and the dim sum.

Overall I believe it was the ingredients in the food that made it taste so good, there were not cheap fatty meats that you would usually get in a Chinese restaurant in London. The atmosphere was great and the service andΒ cocktailsΒ were exceptional. A good treat if you are looking for high quality Chinese food.



3 thoughts on “Hakkasan – Mayfair

  1. Nice blog – Couple of thoughts though – It would be interesting if you commented on price and value-for-money-ness more, I also notice you very rarely write anything critical which give more of an advertisement feel then a food blog

    1. Thank you for the input. I always put prices on my posts (except for Hakkasan), but you know, you’re right I could be a little more critical – I shall take that into consideration.

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