Hoxton Grill – At The Hoxton Hotel – Shoreditch, London

After a late night at work we decided to grab some dinner, so off we went to the Hoxton Hotel to fill our hungry bellies.

You walk through the hotel bar (known for their amazing cocktails) and into the restaurant at the back, which has an elegant diner-type feel to it. There is a large outdoor seating area as well, which is great for summer evenings.

As we sat in the booth after ordering our food and drinks, they came over with a basket of fresh bread and some butter for us to dig into while we waited. The bread was still hot from the oven and it was crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside.

image (8)

I decided on an 8oz sirloin steak (£17) with a side salad (you have the choice of a salad or fries) and a bernaise sauce (you have the choice of a number of sauces) – which I ordered medium rare.

The steak was cooked the way I like it and the sauce was lovely – very creamy and buttery.

image (9)

We decided to share a potato salad and grilled mushrooms (sides are all at £3.50 each), which were both every nice. The mushrooms had a great barbeque type flavour to them and were very juicy. The potato salad was made with a whole grain mustard, mayonnaise, and spring onions and made for a tasty combination.

image (11)

It is well priced for a good steak and no frills or fanciness. I definitely recommend if you are up for a nice burger or a steak and you are having a late night in the city.



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