Organic Chickpeas – A Canary Wharf Street Stall – London

Canary Wharf is mostly full of character-less franchises, which (as I have said before) are not my favourite – but I have come across a little gem; a little falafel stall, just a short stroll from my office. Every lunch time the queue is massive and the smell is mouth watering.


So, one Fat Friday (I swear it is an international holiday that everyone must celebrate at work on Fridays at lunch time), Romola and I joined this queue for these falafels and before we knew it we were at the front of the line and ordering away. Everyone loves a falafel. Those crunchy, deep fried balls of spiced vegetarian love are always a great time!



I ordered the falafel salad (£4.95), which consists of a cucumber and tomato mixture, pickled red and white cabbage, grated carrots, a very little spoon of couscous, hummus, chili sauce, pickled sliced onion, five falafels and a little dollop of tahini/yogurt. Romola had the falafel wrap, which she said was very good.

The falafel were still warm and had a lovely crunch to them on the outside and a nutty texture on the inside. The base of the salad was very refreshing and all the flavours went very well together and the chili was deliciously spicy. It ended up being surprisingly filling as well.

An excellent fat Friday lunch time find!


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