Bone Daddies – The Battle of the Soho Ramen Bars – London

One drizzly Thursday evening (they say Thursday is the new Friday) Emma Susan Dodd and I decided on a casual ramen dinner at Bone Daddies in Soho. Ramen bars have been popping up all over London’s trendy Soho since this summer. Ramen and cocktails are definitely what all the cool kids are consuming- which means I must try them all too!

We arrived there just before 8pm and were surprised at how long the queue was already. It took us just under 30minutes to get a table and we had to wait in line – BUT we did get a couple shots of warm sake as we waited and we did get in a good catch up gossip session as well.

Before we knew it, we were inside and waiting for our table as we sipped on refreshingly cold Asahi beers.

When we were seated we discovered a number of exciting things on the table. There was a jar of hair ties (girls, you don’t want that hair getting in your soup), ridiculously large bibs (just to make sure you don’t get any splashes), fresh garlic and garlic crushers, sesame oil, chili, sesame seeds… all very exciting, but even more exciting than wearing our bibs and taking posed photos of ourselves, was the menu.



Everything looked so good, it was hard to choose what we wanted. In the end we chose to share the Soft Shell Crab (£8) as a starter and we both got a Kim Chi Ramen (£11), which I believe is new because I didn’t see it on their menu online.



I am a big soft shell crab fan. In fact, I would even go as far as saying that it is my favourite type of tempura (Bold statement, I know). It was very meaty and the claws were quite big for a soft shell crab and the ginger sauce on the side gave a kick to it and went very well.


The kim chi ramen was exactly what I needed. It was very spicy and had a slight pickle taste to it just like kim chi does (Emma and I love our kim chi). The soup had ramen at the bottom and was decorated with goodness on the top (in Japan food is like an art and everything is made to look as beautiful as it tastes).

It came with the usual boiled egg with soft yolk, some bbq corn, Chinese cabbage, bamboo shoots, mussells, and some squid. I love spicy food and I love seafood so this was heavenly. I would definitely come back on a freezing wintery evening to warm my belly with this.

It was very filling, but when we paid our bill, the lovely waitress gave us a complimentary black sesame gelato (because we sat right by a rowdy group that were waiting in the queue), which was divine.

A very cool vibe, with the fashionable waiters and waitresses, loud rock music, great food and exciting cocktail menu. I definitely recommend for a fun dinner out!


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