Anna Mae’s Mac and Cheese – Food Stall – London

I am a huge lover of cheese. Cheese just goes with every life moment:

  • A cold wintery evening? Why not have a Racklett or a Fondue night?
  • A warm summery evening? Get that camenbert out and leave it to room temperature then spread it on some bread with some cranberry sauce and a glass of wine!
  • Woken up with a hang over? Get that phone out and call the pizza man for a very large cheesy pizza with breaded and deep fried mozzarella sticks to consume in front of that telly that you will be sat in front of all day.

Anyway, I think you get the point. Cheese is always a great time. Which is why, when the girls and I went to Alexander Palace for the fireworks this year, I got in line for Anna Mae’s cheesy mac and cheese. It is basically a pimped up Southern American Mac and Cheese and if you are too, a cheese lover, then this will be a little piece of heaven in a bowl for you.




Nat, Tash, Charlotte and I all went for the Don Macarroni (£6), which is Anna Mae’s very cheesy mac and cheese (made up of  Sharp Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Mozzarella) topped with bacon, pesto and basil. Emma had the one with sour cream and jalepenos, which also looked pretty good. For me it was all about that delicious sauce that covered the elbow macarroni – the three cheeses were a brilliant idea – perfect mixture of stringy and saucey.



These were thoroughly enjoyed by all of us before the fireworks, which were also pretty amazing. Great belly warmer for this icy, windy, wintery weather.



To find out where else Anna Mae’s cheesy stall is going to be next, please check out:


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