Ceviche – Soho, London

I had never tried Peruvian food before and it seems to be quite up and coming in London, so we decided to have check Ceviche out. You can now book at Ceviche, so I definitely recommend doing this because the wait for a table can be around an hour if you come without a booking – which is definitely worth it and you are able to drink some fabulous cocktails at the bar while you wait.

The dishes in Ceviche are small and very flavoursome, so if it your first time trying Peruvian food, I definitely recommend sharing a few dishes. We tried one of every section from the menu – A Classic, a Ceviche, a Salad, and a Skewer.


The classic dish that we ordered was the flame cooked beef fillet with tomatoes, red onion and proper chips (£13). This was not very adventurous of us but it was a very good steak and the chips were great to dunk into the gravy in the dish.


Obviously we had to order the ceviche, which is a typical Peruvian dish that is fresh seabass marinated in tiger’s milk and spices and served raw. We chose the Don Ceviche (£8), which is fresh seabass in amarillo chilli tiger’s milk, limo chilli, sweet potato crisps and raw red onions. It had gorgeous fresh flavours and was well spiced.

IMG-20131106-WA0004For the salad we ordered the white quinoa, tomatoes, avocado, red onion, butter beans, corriander, lime, and limo chili vinaigrette (£5.50). This was an delicious concoction that tasted like a mix of quinoa, salsa and guacamole – all of which I am a huge fan of. If I were to come back, I would definitely order just this and the ceviche.


For the skeweres we had the Pulpo y Chorizo (£11), which was skewers with chorizo and octopus ontop of a bed of black quinoa salad. For me, I felt as though the chorizo overpowered the octopus a little bit, but it was still an interesting one to try. The octopus was soft and tender and along with the black quinoa salad, it was delicious.

Great atmosphere, great cocktails, great food, great service. I definitely recommend a try.



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