Bistrot Bruno Loubet – At the Zetter Hotel, Farringdon, London

Midday one Saturday, Renata and I had a catch up brunch at Bistrot Bruno Loubet in Clerkenwell, which is part of the Zetter Hotel. It is a stunning French Bistro owned by Chef Bruno Loubet who has won many awards for his work. The place has a warm, cozy feeling to it but it is spacious at the same time. Renata and I have been incredibly busy since the end of the summer and so we had loads to catch up on. We had an iced latte as we chatted away about everything we’ve missed.

20131109_123526Renata went of the French Toast with Maple Syrup and Applewood Smoked Bacon (£8). The bacon was a great addition to this dish. The french toast was light and fluffy and the maple syrup was thick and caramel-like and the bacon gave it a smokey flavour and added a bit of salt to the dish. Delicious.

I’m going through a baked egg phase. Yes, its true, I am a little obsessed and will order it whenever I can. I am in love with the poached egg. Now, a baked egg is very similar in texture with its runny yolky middle, but way more exciting in a pan filled with all sorts of wonderful goodness in a tomato base.




So, I ordered the Shakshouka (£9), which is a baked duck egg with red and yellow peppers, spiced tomato sauce, feta and dukkah all baked in a pan together. It came on its own at first but I asked for some fresh bread, which I used to dip into the yolk and the tomato sauce. It was absolutely stunning and had some amazing flavours that all went very well together.

A great brunch spot!


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