Goodman – Canary Wharf, London

I am currently working in Canary Wharf and decided to try out Goodman one evening.

The thing that really stood out to me as soon as we got there was that the service was great. As you walk in they take your coats to hang up for you and lead you to your table. The waiter then comes to your table and describes the cuts of meat that they have available and can even bring them out for you to see and choose. We knew we wanted a porterhouse (about £8 per 100g) so he told us about what they had and where they were from and gave us his recommendation. He would have even helped us with our choice of wine if we needed, but we already knew what we wanted.

We chose the Scottish 700g porterhouse, truffle chips (£5.50) and creamed spinach with gruyere cheese (£5).




The steak in The Goodman Restaurants is quite special. They really put a lot of love into the process. They dry-age their meat onsite with a specific temperature and humidity, which gives the meat a more concentrated flavour. When cooking the steak, they have a charcoal and wood oven that they use, which gives the steak a wonderfully smokey flavour. We ordered the steak medium because it was on the bone and it was cooked to perfection with still some pink in the middle which was so tender it melted in your mouth and the outside was smokey and meaty. Divine!

The truffle chips had an earthy flavour to them and beautifully crisp and crunchy. I ate most of the creamed spinach and to me (with my love for cheese) this was perfect. It had a creamy texture yet still had the stringy cheese.

We went on a Tuesday evening so it was a little quieter than I am sure it is towards the end of the week, but most of the tables were still filled, so I would definitely recommend making a reservation.

Definitely one of the best steak houses in London!


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