Watami Casual Restaurant – Hong Kong

Jean and Chris recently moved to Hong Kong and when I went there to visit my family last Christmas, they took me to a lovely Japanese restaurant called Watami.

Chris had just come back from a trip around Japan and when they found this restaurant they realised how authentic the food is and reminded Chris of his Japan trip.

The menu is huge and everything looked amazing and I just wanted to try it all so we ordered quite a bit…

We had some Scallop Irodori Sushi ($28HKD), which were so fresh and naturally sweet.


We had a Japanese style Thin Crust Pizza Topped with Pork and Teriyaki Chiken ($53HKD), which was light and crispy and finished with some Japanese mayo and spring onions over the top.


Also a Pork Rice with Egg Yolk in Stone Bowl ($53HKD). The egg yolk was raw and when we mixed it all up with the rice and pork in the stone bowl it all cooked together. The pork was smothered in a tasty sweet sauce, which flavoured the white rice nicely.


Assorted Tempura ($68HKD) is always a good time. Mixing the radish and wasabi with the sauce and dipping the crispy bits into it. Its always lovely. The key to a good tempura is the batter – it needs to be light and thin and crisp, which this was.


The Kanai-Style Takoyaki ($43HKD) was delicious. I am a huge takoyaki fan. It was soft and creamy with a little piece of octopus inside and covered in a sweet brown sauce, Japanese mayo and fish flakes. DESLISH!

The Cesar Salad with Spring Egg and Bacon ($53HKD) was fresh and refreshing. The egg was poached and the yolk spilled all over the salad, which was something different from a normal Cesar.

And, of course, we had some Edemame Beans ($26HKD).

A great meal and a great catch up with old friends. If you are in Hong Kong I would definitely recommend to go check it out!



The Four Seasons – China Town, London


The Four Seasons restaurant on Gerard Street in China town is apparently the place to go for Chinese roast meats so one Thursday evening after work, Renata and I decided to try this out for ourselves.



We ordered roast pork on rice, which was delicious. It wasn’t too dry, wasn’t too fatty, it was juuuuust right. The meat had a smokey but sweet flavour and I couldn’t get enough. The sauce over the top was lovely and there was some Chinese cabbage underneath that had soaked up some of the sauce and tasted delicious.


We also had some roast duck, which was lovely but a bit too fatty for my liking personally, but that is what makes a great Chinese roast duck. A Chinese roast duck must be quite fatty so that the meat is not dry and its succulent, which this indeed was, and it did taste divine.


We had some choi sum on the side, which was still crunchy, not soggy, just how it should be. All in all, even as a half Hongkongese lady, I was very impressed with all the food.

20131128_205202The roast meat did live up to all the hearsay! A great meal and very well priced (£15pp). I would definitely recommend you to try it.

The Breakfast Club – Spitalfields, London

Its all about brunch these days and one Saturday Brunch Time Astrid, Renata and I went to The Breakfast Club to have their famous all day breakfast menu.20131214_112003

They do not take reservations and so (especially on a weekend morning) you will find a line of hungry foodies outside the restaurant.

We must have only waited about 20minutes before we were inside and seated. The interior reminds me of an 80’s diner, but brighter and more eclectic.20131214_133028

20131214_115617 I was going to go for a naughty Bloody Mary, but decided to go for a Beetlejuice (£4.10) instead, which was a beetroot, apple, carrot and ginger juice. It was very gingery and a great refreshing start to the day!20131214_121503 Renata went for the All American (£10), which came with pancakes, eggs, sausage, home-style fried potatoes, streaky bacon and maple syrup. Renata is a big fan of having sweet and savoury together so this was a winner for her. Renata and Astrid both went for iced lattes (£2.50) for their caffine kick.



I went for the Full Monty (£9.70) which was supposed to be bacon, sausage, black pudding, eggs, home-style fried potatoes, mushrooms, beans, grilled tomato and toasted multigrain bloomer – but I swapped the potatoes for some spinach instead.

My poached eggs were perfectly cooked with the yolk runny so that I could dip my bacon and sausage into it. I think the grilled portabelo mushroom was a great touch and had a lovely bbq-like flavour to it and the spinach was steamed and very fresh tasting as well.


Astrid went for the Veggie All American (£9.60). She isn’t a vegetarian but just loves veg. This came with pancakes, eggs, veggie sausage, mushrooms, home-style fried potatoes and maple syrup.

Its definitely one of my top brunch spots.