The Four Seasons – China Town, London


The Four Seasons restaurant on Gerard Street in China town is apparently the place to go for Chinese roast meats so one Thursday evening after work, Renata and I decided to try this out for ourselves.



We ordered roast pork on rice, which was delicious. It wasn’t too dry, wasn’t too fatty, it was juuuuust right. The meat had a smokey but sweet flavour and I couldn’t get enough. The sauce over the top was lovely and there was some Chinese cabbage underneath that had soaked up some of the sauce and tasted delicious.


We also had some roast duck, which was lovely but a bit too fatty for my liking personally, but that is what makes a great Chinese roast duck. A Chinese roast duck must be quite fatty so that the meat is not dry and its succulent, which this indeed was, and it did taste divine.


We had some choi sum on the side, which was still crunchy, not soggy, just how it should be. All in all, even as a half Hongkongese lady, I was very impressed with all the food.

20131128_205202The roast meat did live up to all the hearsay! A great meal and very well priced (ยฃ15pp). I would definitely recommend you to try it.


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