Royal China – Queensway, London

If you are looking for a taste of a proper Hong Kong Dim Sum, I recommend Royal China in Queensway. To get a table you will need to get there early as you cannot do a lunch booking on the weekends.

My aunt and uncle and I went for a dim sum lunch one Saturday. We got there just before 12noon and luckily we got a seat but the restaurant was already almost full up!

You order from the menu at The Royal China and there is plenty to choose from.


We had some dumplings which were all made so beautifully and you could taste that they were freshly steamed.


We had some sticky rice which is wrapped and steamed in lotus leaf.


We had some fried bits like spring rolls, which I am not usually a huge fan of, but these were cooked so well. They weren’t greasy and they were perfectly crisp on the outside and again you could taste that they were freshly cooked.


We also had some barbecued suckling pig which comes cut in squares with absolutely crisp and crunchy skin piled perfectly over squares of soft and tender meat.



And finally to end the meal we had some duck pancakes which again was lovely. A great barbecue-like taste to it.

Overall it was a great meal. I definitely recommend for a very Hong-Kongese Dim Sum.


Bibimbap – Soho, London

For one of our girly dinners we ventured out to Bibimbap in Soho to get some flavourful-Korean-rice-goodness in our bellies.



We got a few starters to share so that we could try a few. We had some Pork and Vegetable Mandoo which are very similar to the Japanese Gyoza. They are a pan fried dumpling and were slightly crisp on the outside with a soft pork filling.


The chili squid was lovely. The pieces of squid were just slightly coated with flour and deep fried and the spices that were sprinkled over the top was just enough – not overbearing.


We also got some seafood pancakes – very much like an Korean spiced version of a crepe, and some kimchi.


Then came the bibimbaps! Delicious and healthy and hearty! The beef fillet that most people ordered came raw with a raw egg and because the stone bowl and the rice were so hot, it all cooked as you mixed it all together.

IMG-20140306-WA0003I got the spicy pork Bibimbap which had a kimchi-tasting kick to it and the meat was very tender and soft. The raw egg cooked in the bowl and when I mixed it all up, out came the layer of vegetables and the layer of rice. Delicious.




Healthy, hearty and tasty food. And very well priced with starter costing around £6 and Bibimbap costing around £9.

Fabulous catch up with the ladies!


Zaza – Bushey

Zaza is a very lively restaurant with a great crowd in a very characterful cottage in the quiet town of Bushey (even at 9pm on a Friday night). Our waiter was great and talked us through the menu. It was difficult choosing what to order because everything looked so good. We ordered some wine and olives as we made our decisions.


I ordered the Capesante (£8.90), which is pan seared scallops with rocket, vine tomatoes and prosciutto. The scallops were cooked perfectly and the flavours of the salad with the sharpness if the rocket, the sweetness of the tomatoes and the smokiness of the prosciutto all complimented them very well.


For the main I had the Branzino (£15.90) – Pan fried fillet of sea bass in a lemon butter sauce on sautéed spinach, green beans & spring onions and a herb mash on the side. The fish was delicate and melted in my mouth and the vegetables were cooked perfected – the beans still with a bit of crunch to them.

We stayed until we were one of the last customers as we got lost in time chatting away. The waiters were very friendly and didn’t push us to leave but instead gave us a refreshing (but VERY strong) lemoncello to finish off our lovely evening.

I definitely recommend if you are in the area and looking for a good Italian.

Wong Kun – Macau, China




Macau is a beautiful place – filled with inherited Portuguese history on one side and filled with large Las Vegas casinos on the other. It is definitely a great place to explore with so many historical sites and architecture, so much tasty foods and (if you are up for it) so many choices of top tier casinos.

Every time my family and I go to Macau, we go to a great little restaurant called Wong Kun. Wong Kun is a small little family run restaurant known for their crab congee and shrimp egg noodles.


We ordered some fried white bait which was beautifully soft and fluffy on the inside and perfectly crisp on the outside. Its a great calmari-type dish to munch on as a starter.


The shrimp egg noodles are make of boiled thin egg noodles with sesame oil, spring onions and dried shrimp eggs sprinkles over the top. The shrimp eggs are very subtle but give a lovely seafood flavour and a good bite to the noodle dish.


The crab congee is a a tummy warming dish. Perfect for a winters day. It is made of over cooked rice that has been cooked with crab. The crab shell gives the congee a wonderful seaside flavour. The crab is fresh and delicious to nibble on.



A great lunch with my Mom, Uncle and cousin before we headed off for more exploration!

Mini Bangkok Thai Food – Hong Kong

My cousin always takes me to my favourite Thai restaurant when I am in Hong Kong. It is on a street, called Nam Kok Road, that is full of Thai restaurants, but this Mini Bangkok is definitely my favourite.


We always order some mixed satays which have been marinated in a sweet sauce and served with the peanut sauce on the side, pineapple fried rice which comes served in half a pineapple, a spiced minced pork dish which you eat wrapped in crunchy, fresh lettuce leaf, and then there are my personal favourites…

20131226_131823 (1)

The fresh raw tiger prawn which are so sweet and melt away in your mouth. It comes with a garlic chili fish sauce on the side to give it a little kick.


The fresh fish which come to your table bubbling away in a lovely sauce. It comes cooking in a hot plate with a fire underneath which eventually goes out. The fish is soft and just falls apart and the sauce has a fresh and slightly sour taste to it.


And I absolutely love the giant clams that have been cooked with butter, garlic and spring onions.

I absolutely love the seafood here, but they have amazing food other than their seafood as well which is just as good.