Mini Bangkok Thai Food – Hong Kong

My cousin always takes me to my favourite Thai restaurant when I am in Hong Kong. It is on a street, called Nam Kok Road, that is full of Thai restaurants, but this Mini Bangkok is definitely my favourite.


We always order some mixed satays which have been marinated in a sweet sauce and served with the peanut sauce on the side, pineapple fried rice which comes served in half a pineapple, a spiced minced pork dish which you eat wrapped in crunchy, fresh lettuce leaf, and then there are my personal favourites…

20131226_131823 (1)

The fresh raw tiger prawn which are so sweet and melt away in your mouth. It comes with a garlic chili fish sauce on the side to give it a little kick.


The fresh fish which come to your table bubbling away in a lovely sauce. It comes cooking in a hot plate with a fire underneath which eventually goes out. The fish is soft and just falls apart and the sauce has a fresh and slightly sour taste to it.


And I absolutely love the giant clams that have been cooked with butter, garlic and spring onions.

I absolutely love the seafood here, but they have amazing food other than their seafood as well which is just as good.



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