Bibimbap – Soho, London

For one of our girly dinners we ventured out to Bibimbap in Soho to get some flavourful-Korean-rice-goodness in our bellies.



We got a few starters to share so that we could try a few. We had some Pork and Vegetable Mandoo which are very similar to the Japanese Gyoza. They are a pan fried dumpling and were slightly crisp on the outside with a soft pork filling.


The chili squid was lovely. The pieces of squid were just slightly coated with flour and deep fried and the spices that were sprinkled over the top was just enough – not overbearing.


We also got some seafood pancakes – very much like an Korean spiced version of a crepe, and some kimchi.


Then came the bibimbaps! Delicious and healthy and hearty! The beef fillet that most people ordered came raw with a raw egg and because the stone bowl and the rice were so hot, it all cooked as you mixed it all together.

IMG-20140306-WA0003I got the spicy pork Bibimbap which had a kimchi-tastingΒ kick to it and the meat was very tender and soft. The raw egg cooked in the bowl and when I mixed it all up, out came the layer of vegetables and the layer of rice. Delicious.




Healthy, hearty and tasty food. And very well priced with starter costing around Β£6 and Bibimbap costing around Β£9.

Fabulous catch up with the ladies!



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