Brunch at Blixen – Spitalfields

The brunch crew and I decided to try Blixen on Saturday for brunch a few months back when it first opened up.

The interior had a feel of a green house even though it is based in the middle of the city. It was fairly eclectic but I still found it tasteful.

download (1)


I ordered the Croque Madame (£8.50) which had a little twist to it – It used Iberica Jamon as the ham, Raclette as the cheese and a duck egg on top. It came looking grand, but also tasted delicious. It was perfectly browned and crunchy on the outside and the middle was soft but not soggy. As I cut into it, the egg yolk oozed over the top and it all married very well together.

Fiona had the Potato Rosti with Spinach, Poached Egg and Parmesan (£7.00) and James had the same but with Salt Beef, Poached Egg and a Mustard Hollandaise (£8.50), which both also looked lovely.



We stayed for a while and service was great. It was very relaxed and we didn’t feel rushed at all. If you haven’t been – I definitely recommend a try!


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