Brunch at White Rabbit – Dalston, London


I have been to White Rabbit in Dalston a couple of times for brunch now for their ever changing brunch tapas menu. Pros are that there are always new dishes to try, however the cons are that you can go back for something you loved and it could be gone.

I went the first time with Fiona. We sat by the window as I admired the quirky Scandinavian interior with it’s bright, clean cut feel.

We got the menu and saw that it is £30 for 5 brunch dishes, we decided to get all 5 to share between us- although as the dishes came out, we quickly realised that these could actually be shared between 3 people.


We started our White Rabbit brunch tapas experience with a plate of blood orange, ricotta and Cashew Nuts, which was a delightfully refreshing, light start to the meal. The orange worked surprisingly well with the creaminess of the cheese.


Next came the cured salmon slices with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce to cover the egg with arugula sprinkled over it all. The salmon was light and not too fishy or salty and the yolk from the egg oozed over it all as we cut into it.


Then came the heavier plates. The Green Eggs were a saucepan of potatoes, bacon and a fried egg covered in chives, which was probably the most ordinary of all the dishes we ordered but still tasted great.

The baked eggs in a pan of tomatoes, chilli, bell peppers and cheese with arugula spinkled over was bursting with all sorts of flavours and had a gorgeous hint of warm spice from the chilli. The cheese was springy as you forked into the mixture. Altogether a great combo.

The burrata was a creamy ball of mozzarella-like cheese which you should not cook and should eat fresh. We tore the balls apart with our forks and even though it felt light, it was definitely very filling. A great way to end the meal.

One of my favourite brunch spots – definitely worth a try!


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