Pizzeria Papagone – Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, London

papagonesWe had been meaning to try Pizzeria Pappagone for quite some time, but finally one Friday night, it was THE night. Just up from Finsbury Park station, on Stroud Green Road, this pizzeria always has a queue of people. We were lucky and got a table after only waiting for 5 minutes.

It is definitely a lively restaurant and all the waiters shouting things in Italian to one another gives it a very authentic feel to it.

The menu is ridiculously long, but this means that there is something to everyone’s taste.

20150807_201549Jack had the PIZZA CAMPAGNOLA £8.40 which is a pizza covered in spicy salami, olives and artichokes and I had the LINGUINE AI FRUTTI DI MARE £9.90 which is a linguine with a tomato, garlic and white wine based sauce with seafood.

The pizza is similar to the pizza in italy, with its doughy, chewy bread and wood fired oven baked.

The pasta was stunning – al dente – and rich with flavours.

They were not mean, stingy portions. They were definitely for an Italian with an appetite. Gorgeous food, lively atmosphere, and very well priced.



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