La Bodega Negra Cafe – Soho, London

The first thing I will say is – this is real Mexican Street Food, so do not expect the usual Tex Mex that you will expect at a cheesy Mexican restaurant that plays the “Macarena” song and makes you to do tequila shots and wear a sombrero while you eat your “Old El Paso” packet looking meal – although these places are great for the right occasion as well.

Jack and I popped in here for dinner one Thursday evening after a post-work shopping trip. The music is loud and its a very buzzing atmosphere. It was crowded and all the tables seemed to be having a great time – everyone animated in their own conversations.

We (luckily) got a table straight away.

20150813_210734For our starters we ordered a Ceviche Contramar and a Tuna Tostada.

The Ceviche was a mackerel with lime and tasted almost cooked by the acid from the lime. It came with tortilla chips which we would place the fish onto to eat.

The Tostada had beautiful slices of mouth melting raw tuna with avocado and a gorgeous light but creamy sauce and placed onto a crunchy tostada (basically a large tortilla chip). It was so full of flavour even though it was quite lightΒ and probably my favourite thing that we ordered.20150813_212605

20150813_212613We ordered the Pork Al Pastor, Pork Belly and Pulled Lamb tacos to share, which we definitely could not finish and ended up leaving a couple, but its always nice to tryΒ a couple extraΒ dishes when you go to a new restaurant.

They all came with way too many diced chopped raw white onions. Literally covered in them. Overflowing with them. If this is your thing then you will be in your prime – if this isn’t, like it isn’t for me, then either ask them not put to onions on yours (which I will definitely do next time) or what I did was just scoop them off my tacos. There ended up being a literal mountain on them on my plate – like a very smelly Everest.

Instead of a taco shell, like Tex Mex would have, Mexican street food uses a small soft tortilla. I would say the Pork Belly was definitely my favourite. The crunchiness of the pork crackling and the tenderness of the pork were just divine together and the flavours were not overbearing.

The Pork Al Pastor and the Pulled Lamb both were very good and had lots of American pulled meat barbecue flavours, but they were just very similar tasting to one another.20150813_212815We also ordered some Chili Fries which were disappointing as they were literally just french fries with some chili mayonnaise on the side. I think I just expected something a little more to it.

Overall it was a very good atmosphere and vibe if you are up for something lively and the food was very interesting. Worth a try if you want to explore some Mexican street food in London.


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