Finks Salt and Sweet – Highbury, London

In Highbury, nestled in the suburban townhouses, the is a very small cafe called Finks Salt and Sweet that I would absolutely recommend. In the summer there are little tables outside so you can sit out in the sunshine.

They do a great cup of coffee and they have a simple fresh menu and are so well priced.

I ordered the avocado, rose harissa and goats cheese on sour dough toast Β£5 and I asked for some smoked salmon Β£1.50 to go on top. I was surprised how well the harissa went with the avocado and added an element of Mediterranean spice to it but still had a freshness to it. It definitely kept me full for ages and tasted amazing!


As I have realised my obsession with mashed avocado on toast, to end to end this post I have written:

An Ode to Avocado on Toast

You are bright and beautifully coloured,

You are healthy and so super great,

You taste fresh and fill me up,

And you look perfect on a plate.


When you are smashed,

When you are mushed,

And you are bashed,

You are absolutely wonderful to me.



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