Honest Burger – Camden Lock, London

I was told that I HAD to go to Honest Burger becauset the burgers were out of this world amazing! I even have friends with Honest Burger obsessions. I could even go as far as calling them addictions as they seem to go through Honest Burger withdrawls when they haven’t had one for a whole month.

So, I needed to try this raved about meat sensation.

Renata and I went for our first Honest Burger experience together along with Emma (a solid Honest Burger fan) in their Camden Lock branch which is situated within the hustle and bustle of the touristy Camden markets.


I took a bite and knew it wasn’t going to be a burger that I would be having burger dreams about or drool at the thought of another one. Was it a case that everyone had talked it up so much that I imagined it to be something that it wasn’t?


I ordered the cheese burger with mature cheddar and onion relish which came with rosemary fries (£9). £9 for a burger and chips is a good deal for a burger in a restaurant in London. So that is a positive. The burger itself though – not so positive.

Firstly, the burger meat was thick but smaller than the bun (my burger pet peeve – I mean, why get a bun that is bigger than your burger meat? Who wants to just eat burger bun bread?).

The meat was nice and pink on the inside and it wasn’t dry, but there was nothing special about it. Yes, it was good burger meat, but I thought it was going to be glorious burger meat. I thought it was going to be the kind of burger meat that was so juicy that it basically had its own gravy on the inside that dribbles out once you take a bite (now that is what I call a glorious burger). The cheese was melted wonderfully over it and I did really like the red onion relish but the bun was dry so I did not eat that.

I must, however, give a big round of applause to the rosemary fries. Bravo! Bravo! They are great. Especially with a side order of chipotle mayonnaise.


Another disappointment were the onion rings (£3.50) which were basically large donuts with a thin onion ring on the inside – I mean how much batter done one onion ring need??



Overall, it was good burger, not a glorious burger. I say go for the fries and mayo but don’t rush to book a day off from work for the rest.






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