When the Sun Shines in London Town

It is absolutely amazing the noticeable change of mood and vibe that London has when the sun is shining down upon it:

  1. People start smiling and stop looking solemn and depressed.
  2. People start wearing colours other than black.
  3. You hear more laughter in the air.
  4. People let each other on the tube!! Yes!! Can you believe it? No one pushed and shoved. In fact, people ushered each other on like “no you go first” and “haha no no you go first” and there was “thank you”s and “you’re welcome”s being delivered.
  5. Are they skipping? Singing? Whistling? High-fiving one another? I feel like I am in a Walt Disney cartoon scene!

Thank you sunshine (except for today’s rain- we are in London after-all)! Welcome toΒ Summer 2016! Hello park days, hello festivals, hello picnics, hello barbeques, and goodbye winter coats and thick tights!



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