The Ideal Itinerary for a Long Weekend in Barcelona

I always look on blogs when I am travelling to a new city or country to have a good understanding of how my trip should be structured, how to get around (what transport), what to expect, what to eat, etc. So, I have decided to add my Ideal Barcelona Itinerary to the array of travel itineraries out in the internet.



I would definitely suggest doing the Sandeman’s New Europe Free Walking Tour on your first day. You will come across places during the tour that you might want to visit properly another day.

Our guide was Brendan Grant, an Irishman and artist who moved to Barcelona many years ago. He is such a great story teller and you can tell how passionate he is about the history of the city. I honestly listened in on everything he explained to us because he was so great at capturing his audience and I learned so much!

I definitely recommend doing the walking tour as it is a lot of fun and you do get to discover the history of Barcelona that doesn’t just involve Gaudi.


Afterwards, make sure to have a big lunch and then give yourself a bit of break and head to the beach or back to your hotel to relax and then head out to the Tapas Tour for the evening (we also booked this through the New Europe Tours Company).

I say have a big lunch because this is a tour of Tapas but not necessarily a filling dinner for the evening – although it is lots of fun and very interesting. You get to learn about the history of Pinxtos, Tapas, and La Bombas – but also about drinking Spanish cider, wine and Sangria.



On your second day go to Casa Batllo in the morning. You can easily buy tickets at the entrance will allow you to get an audio guide as well.

I have never actually had an audio guide like this before! It is interactive and as you walk around the building, into each room and you face the iPhone like screen around, it shows you how each of the rooms would have looked with all the furniture and gives you an audio description.


Then head to La Boqueria Mercat off Las Ramblas to explore the market place and grab a bit to eat before heading off to Segrada Familia.

Make sure to buy your tickets to Sagrada Familia before hand as they give you a time slot for which you can enter.

It is massive! And still unfinished.

It has the most beautiful lighting inside. Both entrances into the temple are full so much detail so make sure to have a good look around the outside as well. You must make sure to go to the Museum part and also to go down into the Crypt where Gaudi’s tomb is – not many people know about these two areas and end up missing them both.



On your last day I would recommend going to the Park Guell. You must book this online about 2 weeks before your trip as it always get booked up.

Then head off to the Picasso Museum before you head to the airport and back home.


Where to stay?

My favourite place to stay in Barcelona is Hotel Europark which is located in the L’Eixample District. It is a great location as you are able to walk to quite a few areas but also it is right by the subway if you need to get an underground train anywhere.

The hotel is amazing service, lovely rooms, a great buffet breakfast (which includes Cava and a delicious selection of hams and cheeses), a tiny gym, a rooftop pool AND the best thing is that it is really well priced.



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