Ceviche – Soho, London

Martin Morales’s original restaurant, Ceviche in London’s vibrant Soho, is definitely one of my favourite restaurants to go for an evening meal out. Peruvian food has a very distinct flavour with it’s tiger milk soaked fish dishes and choclo.

At Ceviche the dishes are tapas-like sharing dishes and perfect sized plates to share between two people. The dishes are light, colourful and bursting full of flavour. I went recently with my mother while she was in London (so I needed to do another, more updated blog post about it) and we ordered lots of gorgeous dishes between us.

We sat at the bar, which is actually my favourite seat there. The waitresses gave us a description of each dish and even gave recommendations, so this was helpful in choosing the dishes because we literally wanted it all. It is light, but filling and full of flavour. One of my favourite places for a dining out.

Don Ceviche
Tiradito De Conchas
Tiradito Rochoso
Ensalada De Quinoa
Pulpo al Olivo
Squid Barbacoa
Causa Sensación




One thought on “Ceviche – Soho, London

  1. It was the most unforgettable meal ever.. my great grandma from Peru but never tried these wonderful dishes before ❀️

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