Rudy’s – Ancoat, Manchester, UK

Rudy’s is a great Pizzeria in Manchester and the queues are always incredibly long. Luckily you can just put your name on a list with a rough estimated time wait and head across the street to Seven Brothers, a craft beer pub, to have some pre-dinner drinks while you wait to get a call from Rudy’s.

They have a huge pizza oven and its great watching them making their creations in there. Their pizza is Napoli- style with the gorgeous chewy but light dough, which I absolutely love!

Campana Sharing platter

We shared some mixed olives and Campana to start – which we didn’t really “need” but we were just very hungry.

The boys all ordered the Calabrese which is smothered with Nduja and mozzarella and I had the Tarantina which is olives, anchovies, capers and mozzarella (usually called a Napolitan – one of my favourite pizzas).

The house red wine was lush, service was fab, great atmosphere and buzz, and it really does not break the bank.

All I can say is: Go.


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