SSI Open Water Diving Course at Manta Dive – Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

I will always have a soft spot for Indonesia. It was my home for 16 years and I absolutely adore it. The culture, the food, the weather, the beaches.

Last year I finally decided to get my Open Water Diving License so we went to Gili Trawangan to do this. I hadn’t been to the island in about 5 years and so much had changed since I was here last and it was not the quiet, untouched island that it used to be. It was a lot more built up with more hotels, more bars, more everything – but the beaches were still beautiful.

Gili T

I was recommended Manta Dive by a friend of mine and so I called them up and booked to stay in their hotel as well as take the Open Water Diver Course.

Our room was a little bungalow right by the hotel swimming pool and it was lush.

Our Room
Our room
Our room
The bathroom in our room
The view outside our room
Our room from the outside

The open water diving course was great. The diving community is really close out there and they bring you into it throughout the course of the week. You feel straight away like you are a part of it.

Our instructor Eve has unfortunately now moved from Gili T. I say “unfortunately” because she was genuinely an amazing instructor and we really learned so much from her. She is so passionate about the ocean and it made us very interested in everything she was explaining to us.

Studying for the SSI Open Water Diver Test
Fresh breakfast at our hotel
The Beach Outside our hotel with all the boats waiting for the divers
Carrying on the diving equiptment
We saw sea turtles, reef sharks (white and black tips), octopus, star fish, clown fish, nudi branch, and lots of other beautiful and colourful sea creatures and coral.
The boat
Boat rides
So peaceful and calm
More boat shots
Our group

Our group was great and we still keep in touch today!

If you are ever considering learning to dive and you happen to have a holiday in Indonesia, I definitely recommend learning at Manta Dive in Gili Trawangan. It might not be the ultimate best diving in the world but you do see a lot in the ocean, the instructors and divers are an awesome group of people, and the hotel lush! A great place to learn.




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