Stephanie Whiteley is a Food and Travel Blogger currently living in London. Her mother is from Hong Kong, her father is from London, and she grew up in Indonesia as an expat.

Her love of foods comes from her family – with a Chinese mother and Jewish father – these are cultures where food is always the centre of family gatherings and celebrations. Growing up, family night was every Saturday night which for Stephanie and her family meant; going out as a family for some dinner at a restaurant – usually trying out somewhere new. Other nights, dinners were where the family would come home from work and school to sit around the table eating a buffet of home cooked foods and talking about their day.

Her love of travel comes from living aboard as a young child. She got on her first long haul flight at only 5 months and has been travelling the world ever since. She wants to be able to visit as many places as possible to learn about different cultures, traditions as well as witness the beauty of nature, art and history around the globe.

Stephanie started her blog in 2013 when she looked online to try and find restaurants in London, but to her disappointment, she could only find blogs out there that would talk about high end, expensive, over-rated restaurants or commercial, chain restaurants.

She loves the off the beaten track, non-commercial, independent, food-passionate restaurants that are under rated and serve great food. There are so many amazing independent restaurants in London as it is such a metropolitan hub and she knew she had to let people know about them.

She has written a some articles for Good Things Magazine UK and enjoys writing about her experiences in her blog Food and Wanderlust.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Stephanie Whiteley – My name is Tim Wharton: I’m an academic based at the University of Brighton. I also do some food writing and have a co-authored book coming out with Hurst publishers about overlooked ingredients. My colleague and I have written an article for Nikkei Asian Review about octopus and I mention Hana’s stall at Brick Lane. They have asked for a photo of the stall, but I don’t have one. You do, I notice. Would it be possible to use one of yours? I’ll happily send you the article if you like (and you will be credited with the photo of course). With best wishes, Tim

  2. Salve… Per un lavoro come cameriera se è disponibile, io sarò lì a fine marzo.. Un indirizzo di email per il curriculum? Grazie

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