Wright Brothers – Borough Market, London Bridge


I have written about Wright Brothers in Borough Market before, but that was about 3 years ago, so it is time for a refresher.

After a scrumptious Monmouth coffee and a stroll around Borough Market, we got ourselves a table at Wright Brothers for some fresh seafood lunch. We got the fruit de mer petit platter to share between us and a bottle of white wine.

There were whelks, winkles, prawns, shrimps, oysters, clams and mussels presented on a bed of ice. It was all so fresh and reminded me so much of the seafront restaurants in Cannes in the South of France.

We chatted away and nibbled on fresh seafood for ages – it was a really relaxing vibe and the waitresses and waiters were really friendly and helpful.


A must try if you haven’t been yet!



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Warung Padang -Bermondsey, London

I wrote about the authentic Indonesian restaurant in Soho called East West Oriental a while ago, but unfortunately they closed down last year. Well, the guys that worked there opened up their own Indonesian restaurant in Bermondsey called Warung Padang.

It is a wonderfully authentic experience of Indonesian cuisine. Its a laid back atmosphere where everyone is friendly, the food is freshly made and absolutely delicious, and it is really well priced.20160110_140401


20160110_142256I recently went with Rebecca and we missed Indonesian food so much that we felt the need to try everything so we ended up ordering the whole menu. Or most of it anyway.

We had some prawn crackers with chili sauce, a Vietnamese Coffee (which is a strong filtered coffee that is mixed with condensed milk), a Nasi Padang Special (white rice with a couple of curries from the Padang region in Indonesia), and a Mie Bakso (a meatball and noodle soup).

We obviously ordered too much and had to take the rest home with us but it was all gorgeous and really reminded me of Indonesia – I almost forgot that I was in London. Glorious!20151014_194114






Mr Bao – Peckham, London

Tessa and I went to Mr. Bao in Peckham one evening after work. It had just opened recently so the reduced, soft opening menu was still being used instead of the full menu.

It is a small, compact restaurant which has a great buzzing atmosphere. The service is awesome and everyone is happy to help you choose from the menu.

We had an absolute feast of a mealΒ starting off with some Taiwanese Sausage, Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Chips and then we carried on the meal with the Bao Diddley, Shitake Mushroom and Slow Cooked Lamb Bao’s.

The actual Bao itself is a soft, fluffy and ever-so-slightly sweet bun that is then stuffed with different bits of goodness. The Bao Diddley, which is the bao stuffed with fried chicken with some wasabi mayo was definitely my favourite.

Very more-ish and will set you back about Β£25-30 per person but a great place to try something new and for a catch up with good friends.