Imperial China – Sunday Dim Sum

While WouterΒ was visiting London, we wentΒ for a Dim Sum Sunday Brunch at Imperial China in China Town. You walk through an alley way and overΒ a pond to get to the restaurant. It has a very Hong-Kong-feel to it with the wonderful smells of freshly cooked dim sum, the decor and the Cantonese speaking waiters and waitresses.


We were seated straight away at we got there right at 12noon and we ordered a number of dishes and a pot of some lovely Chinese tea.

It was not long before our order came out in steaming hot baskets of goodness.


20131013_122240We had the classics. Some Har Kau, which is a thin rice wrap with a prawn filling (this is my favourite) and some Siew Mai, which is a pork and prawn dumping with crab eggs sprinkled over the top.


Cheung Fun is basically a flattened out rice noodle which is wrapped around bbq pork, prawns, scallops, etc. We got the prawns.

20131013_122531Cha Siew Bau is a sweet fluffy bun filled with a bbq pork mixture which was lovely and light.

20131013_122640And finally we had the sticky rice in a lotus leaf which is filled with mushrooms, prawns, pork, and a salty duck egg. Together with the glutenous rice, it is wrapped in a lotus leaf and steamed.

It was all delicious and, as a half Chinese foodie, I would definitely recommend for a Sunday brunch!