Imperial China – Sunday Dim Sum

While Wouter was visiting London, we went for a Dim Sum Sunday Brunch at Imperial China in China Town. You walk through an alley way and over a pond to get to the restaurant. It has a very Hong-Kong-feel to it with the wonderful smells of freshly cooked dim sum, the decor and the Cantonese speaking waiters and waitresses.


We were seated straight away at we got there right at 12noon and we ordered a number of dishes and a pot of some lovely Chinese tea.

It was not long before our order came out in steaming hot baskets of goodness.


20131013_122240We had the classics. Some Har Kau, which is a thin rice wrap with a prawn filling (this is my favourite) and some Siew Mai, which is a pork and prawn dumping with crab eggs sprinkled over the top.


Cheung Fun is basically a flattened out rice noodle which is wrapped around bbq pork, prawns, scallops, etc. We got the prawns.

20131013_122531Cha Siew Bau is a sweet fluffy bun filled with a bbq pork mixture which was lovely and light.

20131013_122640And finally we had the sticky rice in a lotus leaf which is filled with mushrooms, prawns, pork, and a salty duck egg. Together with the glutenous rice, it is wrapped in a lotus leaf and steamed.

It was all delicious and, as a half Chinese foodie, I would definitely recommend for a Sunday brunch!


New World – an original London Chinatown Dim Sum spot

The London Chinatown that we know and love today was established in the 1970s and New World was one of the first restaurants in this area, which is around the time that my mother discovered it. It became a regular Sunday Dim Sum spot for our family at least once a month.


It has a great atmosphere, with its trolley service that reminds me of the old Hong Kong Dim Sum service, which makes the experience exciting as you wait for the trolleys to come by and you can see all the food and pick what you would like for the table.

Esme was visiting London and as China Town is one of the tourist attractions, Russell, Patrick and I took her to New World for the experience.

It always buzzing when you walk in. You sit down, order your drinks (we decided on Chinese tea for the table) and wait for the trolleys to come round one by one.


The first trolley that decided to stop at our table was the steamed baskets. We chose siew mai (a pork and prawn dumpling), har kau (a prawn dumpling), and xiao long bao (a Shanghai-nese pork dumpling).


The next trolley that came round was the cold meats (that you can ask them to warm up). We decided on some char siew, which is a sweet barbecued pork dish.


Then the fried foods trolley came round and we chose some spring rolls, Woo Kok (fried yam puff with a pork and mushroom filling) and another dish which is a deep fried sweet sticky pastry with a pork filling.


To end the meal, we had some Portuguese egg tarts.


We left the restaurant extremely full of Chinese deliciousness and paid £15 each. Overall its a fun, sociable meal to be shared and a must try if you fancy some affordable dim sum in Chinatown.

Wong Kei – A London Chinatown Institution

At 4 stories high, with the ability to seat 500 diners, Wong Kei is a London Chinatown institution. Known for its straight forward, no-fluff, fast service (which some may find rude) – the restaurant is always full of students, tourists, and Chinese customers. The atmosphere is always buzzing and the great thing is, you can eat yourself into a food-coma, without breaking the bank. It has a special place in my heart from the days of being a university student in London.

Liz and I went for some good hit-the-spot Chinese food after a long hard day of work.

Westminster-20130515-00614 (1)

We ordered a Crispy Shredded Beef as it is Liz’s favourite. It was the first time I had tried it there and it was very good.


I like the roast meats there so we got a plate of Pork Belly and BBQ Pork on rice (£6). They pour a sweet gravy over it all to complete it. The Pork Belly has crispy skin on it, which gives a crunch to it and the BBQ Pork has a sweet and smokey flavour to it.


I love Chinese vegetables. Growing up my mother told me that if I ate my greens, my hair would grow long and silky, and being a very girly little girl, this made me like my greens even more.

We ordered Choi Sum with Oyster Sauce, which was fresh, crunchy, and sweet (£4).

The service isn’t the best and you might have to eat on a table with other people, but overall, its a good eat.