Steamy Seafood Cuisine – Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, food is very much about the experience as well as the flavour. There are hot pot dinners, cartoon character dim sum brunches, the Chinese 12 course banquet -style dinners and even outdoor barbecue spots where you have a buffet of foods available to cook.

The current new craze is the steamed seafood restaurants, which I had never been to before, where they steam an array of different dishes and then underneath there is a congee to finish off the meal which is flavoured by all the seafood, meats and vegetables that have been steaming on top. It is GLORIOUS!




My Mum, her childhood friends and I went to Steamy Seafood Cuisine in Jordan. I had never been to one of these restaurants before but a banquet of dishes came over to our table for steaming in the middle of the table in an in built steamer.


There is a section in the restaurant where you can create your own sauce to go with your food. I made mine with soya sauce, fresh chilies, garlic and coriander.

The meal began with seafood (lobster, scallops, razor clams, clams and fish) and then we moved onto some chicken, steak, vegetables and Chinese turnip cakes.






Then once all the steaming had been done, the steamer came off and in the pot underneath (instead of water boiling like a normal steamer) there was congee cooking away the whole time so it had absorbed all the flavours from the foods that had been steaming above it.

It was a really good experience and the food was really fresh. The food was so fresh in fact that they have all the aquariums with the seafood swimming around at the front of the restaurant. I definitely recommend.




Bistro Manchu – Soho, Hong Kong

If you like spicy food or if you are just a dare devil and want to try to consume mouth numbing chilies – then Sichuan food is the food for you! The Sichuan peppercorn, which is used in a lot of their dishes, is so spicy that is creates a tingling, numbing sensation on your lips! Their dishes are usually balanced out with cooling dishes as well.

My friends Jean and Chris introduced me to Bistro Manchu, a Sichuan restaurant in Soho, Hong Kong. It was so good that I took my mum there to try it as well!

The famous Kung Pao Chicken
The famous Hot and Sour Soup

Two dishes that you would recognise in your local Chinese restaurant that originate from Sichuan are Kung Pao Chicken and Hot and Sour Soup which I had when I was with Jean and Chris.

With my Mum we had dumplings that are filled with soup. You are supposed to bite off the top and then suck out the soup before you continue to eat the rest of the dumpling.

Soup filled dumplings


My Mum and I
A spicy beef noodle soup

We also had a spicy noodle soup which was filled with the mouth numbing peppercorns. I felt like my lips were swollen after from eating them, but it was so tasty I couldn’t stop!

It is a quiet restaurant, hidden away on a quiet street in the super busy Soho area in Hong Kong, which serves good old traditional Sichuan cuisine.

Bistro Manchu

Imperial China – Sunday Dim Sum

While Wouter was visiting London, we went for a Dim Sum Sunday Brunch at Imperial China in China Town. You walk through an alley way and over a pond to get to the restaurant. It has a very Hong-Kong-feel to it with the wonderful smells of freshly cooked dim sum, the decor and the Cantonese speaking waiters and waitresses.


We were seated straight away at we got there right at 12noon and we ordered a number of dishes and a pot of some lovely Chinese tea.

It was not long before our order came out in steaming hot baskets of goodness.


20131013_122240We had the classics. Some Har Kau, which is a thin rice wrap with a prawn filling (this is my favourite) and some Siew Mai, which is a pork and prawn dumping with crab eggs sprinkled over the top.


Cheung Fun is basically a flattened out rice noodle which is wrapped around bbq pork, prawns, scallops, etc. We got the prawns.

20131013_122531Cha Siew Bau is a sweet fluffy bun filled with a bbq pork mixture which was lovely and light.

20131013_122640And finally we had the sticky rice in a lotus leaf which is filled with mushrooms, prawns, pork, and a salty duck egg. Together with the glutenous rice, it is wrapped in a lotus leaf and steamed.

It was all delicious and, as a half Chinese foodie, I would definitely recommend for a Sunday brunch!

Hakkasan – Mayfair

I must say, hands down, Hakkasan make THE BEST dirty martini’s that I have ever tried. We walked into Hakkasan without a reservation on a Friday night and ended up at the bar while we waiting for a table.

The restaurant’s million pound interior has a very elegant and contemporary but still Chinese feel to it and was designed by Christian Liaigre (French Interior Designer). We were very comfortable drinking our cocktails at the bar, but before we knew it (only about 15 minutes later), a table was free!

Being half Chinese, from Hong Kong, where the Chinese food is out of this world, I really know and love the food. I was excited to go to Hakkasan as I had heard so much about Head Chef Tong Chee Hwee’s dishes. They were awarded a Michelin Star in 2003, so that was very promising too.

image (4)

We started our meal with the Dim Sum platter, as I had heard that the dumplings were fusion and made to perfection and I was not disappointed. The dim sum was perfect. Every little bite was heavenly and I could not fault it whatsoever.

image (1)

For our mains we decided on sharing some stir fried broccoli with crispy seaweed over it. The broccoli still had a crunch to it and was cooked with garlic and red chili so it had a freshness about it and the crispy seaweed on the top was a great addition to the flavours.

image (6)

The claypot chicken was divine! The chicken was still moist (not dry at all) and it was cooked with dried chilies and spring onions in a sweet sauce. The sweet and spice worked very well together.

image (7)

We also shared a black pepper sirloin steak stir fry. The meat was very tender and fell apart in my mouth. Again, absolutely delicious.

We had a bowl of boiled white rice between two and it was the perfect amount of food. We left very satisfied. My favourite parts of the meal were definitely my dirty martini and the dim sum.

Overall I believe it was the ingredients in the food that made it taste so good, there were not cheap fatty meats that you would usually get in a Chinese restaurant in London. The atmosphere was great and the service and cocktails were exceptional. A good treat if you are looking for high quality Chinese food.